The SarahCare Way - Philosophy of Care


For all of us at SarahCare, our philosophy of care that we call “The SarahCare Way” means going above and beyond. These are not simply words or nice sentiments, but a commitment that guides all of our actions. Our mission statement, which was developed by members of our direct care staff, is, “WE WORK MIRACLES.”


How do we accomplish this? Perhaps it is one of our Restorative Nurses or Assistants helping an individual become more mobile or be able to return to being more responsible for their personal care. Maybe it is one of our activity assistants finding unique ways to support participants who are suffering from dementia to feel less anxious and more content. Or perhaps it’s our interdisciplinary team supporting a senior who has become depressed and withdrawn to feel that they have friends and events to look forward to. Whatever an individual needs, we are committed to developing individualized programs that regardless of their cognitive and functional abilities, result in their feeling that life is now enjoyable rather than something to be endured.It is The SarahCare Way.