Customized Programs - Our Unique Approach to Activity Planning

Activity planning is based on several factors that may be different for every senior. Physical abilities or limitations and general interests, both current and past, are the most obvious influencers.


Input from health care providers, family members and the participant all contribute to which activities will be included in the care plan. Exercise and salon services are regular offerings, with special field trips or therapies added to the schedule. Some seniors may benefit from Restorative Nursing after an injury or illness, while others will find that the MindStretch program helps enhance their decision-making skills and memory.

Social clubs may be a favorite for some people, while others prefer more solitary activities.


Above all, activities are chosen with the senior in mind. Preserving your loved one’s dignity and helping to increase his or her quality of life is the ultimate goal. Caring for your senior does not simply include keeping him or her safe and monitoring health stats; it involves establishing daily stimulus that makes him happy and enthusiastic about his visits to SarahCare.