The SarahCare Way - Our History

In 1985, the very first SarahCare Center opened its doors…

In 1985, the very first SarahCare Center opened its doors in Canton, Ohio. Originally called S.A.R.A.H. (Senior Adult Recreation and Health), the facility was one of the first intergenerational sites in the U.S. The senior adult day care center was located next to a child day care center and served as a training and research site for the development of other unique intergenerational programs across the country.

Eventually, directors transitioned S.A.R.A.H.’s name to Sarah Center and, finally, to SarahCare demonstrating the philosophy of care administered to our seniors and their families.

A significant shift in our approach to caring for families and primary family caregivers was a result of Dr. Merle Griff’s experience caring for her mother in her own home, until she passed away. Dr. Griff, founder of SarahCare and experienced gerontologist, was unable to find suitable options for the families she worked with and for her own mother, who had suffered a severe stroke. Dr. Griff’s personal experience led her to expand SarahCare’s services to include more programs designed to ease the stress of family caregivers and help them make their lives a little easier.

Dr. Griff combined her skills as a healthcare professional for senior patients and a caregiver for her mother to develop the SarahCare Way. She brought to life the importance of a social atmosphere to enable seniors to retain their independence and interact with others they may share interests with, while being cared for and receiving the assistance they need to get through their activities.

The concept really caught on! Caregivers and seniors responded with enthusiasm to the new approach to care. Currently, SarahCare has locations in 14 states throughout the U.S.