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Lisa Suarez, Executive Director
Hours: 6:45 am - 6 pm

Adult Day Care – A Different Type of Senior Care

Where in Kingwood can you find a baseball game in which a 94-year-old woman hits home runs?

The answer is: SarahCare Adult Day Care Center in the Northpark Plaza

Our Center provides day care for elderly and disabled adults in the Kingwood, Humble and Atascocita area.   It is the first-of-its-kind adult day care program in Texas.  SarahCare has become a place of respite for caregivers with an aging parent or relative, many with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, who can’t be left home alone during the day.  Not only do the participants benefit from this stimulation, the caregivers do too. Caregivers tell us that going to SarahCare makes a difference in their loved ones’ happiness and alertness when they return home.

Typical Day at SarahCare

A typical day for SarahCare participants starts between 7-9:30 a.m. for a light breakfast.  Half of the caregivers head for work while the other half use SarahCare just to provide their elderly relative with social interaction and peer group friendships.  Participants can stay until 6 p.m. or for a few hours. SarahCare offers catered hot meals with menus created by a registered dietician. A registered nurse, certified nursing assistants, social worker and activities specialist are also part of the care-giving team at SarahCare. They enjoy numerous activities specially designed for them, and a hot lunch while in the center.

We recommend that participants attend SarahCare a minimum of two days a week.  Senior participants needs time to build a routine and adjust to new surroundings.

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Caregiver Testimonials

Testimonial 1heart Laquita Freeman

SarahCare has been a life saver.  It gives my mom something to do and also peers to interact with.  It just has been a life saver for our family.

Testimonial 2heart Kathy Y.

If SarahCare is open 7 days a week, Mom will be here all the time.  I am one of the “sandwich-ers”, taking care of Mom and my daughter who needs also me at this time.  Whenever I take Mom to SarahCare.  I am able to go to work everyday, confident that she is being taken good care of.

heart Jan Dowdy

I have been taking Mom to SarahCare for almost 3 years.   I will forever be grateful to SarahCare since it would not have been possible for me to work full-time and have Mom stay home with me for this long.  In the beginning, it was difficult for us to motivate her to come, but SarahCare found a creative way to get her to want to come everyday.


Testimonial 4

heart Naomi Lamson

I can say a lot about SarahCare, since it is really very important in our lives.  I couldn’t take my husband any place else where he’s more comfortable and where I’m more comfortable when he is away from me.

Testimonial 5

heart Malinda Hale

I really needed to know that my husband was in a place that was professional and where he is well cared for.  I’ve been very pleased.  We are very lucky to have a professional adult day care in our area.  I know he is happy and loves the meals here.

Testimonial 6

heart Elaine Silverwise

I love SarahCare.  I recommend it to all my friends.  They can hardly wait to get old.  We have so much fun.  We sing, we dance, we talk, we eat, we play… never a dull moment!!