A Day At SarahCare - Intergenerational

Our intergenerational program brings together seniors and children in a safe and engaging environment. ‘Grandparents’ and ‘grandchildren’ have so much to share and can be a great source of joy to each other, yet they rarely have these opportunities.

SarahCare® intergenerational programs bring both generations together in a structured environment where they can learn from each other – sharing their feelings, ideas, skills, and affection.


Unlike other informal and casual get-togethers, our intergenerational program was scientifically designed and researched to encourage these interactions and allow our seniors to participate fully – from disabled and frail elders to sufferers of dementia and Parkinson’s.

As one of the first and most successful intergenerational programs in the nation, our program has been published in activity guidebooks such as Linkages and research journals such as The Gerontologist.


Our programs involve children of all ages from infancy to college. The seniors and the children are matched appropriately and enjoy activities especially designed for the pairing. Here are just a few activities that they share:

  • Weekly activities including an exercise group, a sing-a-long session, crafts and games.
  • Senior students from local high schools come on weekdays to visit elders. Their activities also include letter writing, decoration, and helping with planned activities.
  • Seniors in our centers visit children’s day care centers, to rock babies and help with their feedings.
  • A local elementary school participates in a pen-pal program with our participants.