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1655 S. Vinnell, Boise ID, 83709
Email: alishiasarahcareboise@gmail.com
Phone: 208-375-2273
Alishia Freeman, Executive Director
Hours: 7:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.

Adult Day Health Care, A Different Kind of Care

Our center is located on the corner of Overland and Vinnell Street, in Boise Idaho.   At SarahCare we strive to keep families together at home by providing health related care during the day.  At the heart of SarahCare is a uniquely designed program that provides a safe and active environment for adults who require assistance during the day.  We provide peace of mind for family members who need to continue work or need caregiver respite.  Knowing that a family member is safely and lovingly cared for allows the caregiver to better address other needs and obligations.

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Who We Care For

At SarahCare of Boise we care for your family member just as you would by recognizing the uniqueness of each of our participants.  Our highly qualified staff specializes in various impairments and health problems, including but not limited to:

Alzheimer’s and other Dementias


Parkinson’s Disease


Physical and Developmental Impairments

Special Diets

Incontinence Problems

Isolation and loneliness

SarahCare of Boise has a customized plan of care for every participant enrolled in our program.  This plan of care is set up to meet  the social, emotional, physical, spiritual and creative needs and desires of not only the individual, but the family as well.  We plan a wide variety of activities throughout the day to keep our participants active, both cognitively and physically, so they enjoy the time they spend in our center.

Free Trial Day

SarahCare of Boise is currently offering a FREE TRIAL DAY.  This trial gives you an opportunity to come in and see for yourself how all of our programs and activities work.  Please call 208-375-2273 to schedule!

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Caregiver Testimonials

We would like to give a special “THANK YOU” to SarahCare of Boise for all the dedication and patience they’ve shown our mom over the past year.  It’s not an easy job caring for the older folks in our community who have memory problems and other challenges.

When the Care Club closed in February of 2009, we didn’t think we would ever find another day care facility with the quality of care that we were used to.  But we did!  We’re always impressed by the way the upbeat staff members greet us every morning.  We really appreciate everything you do & would definitely recommend SarahCare of Boise to any care giver or family member who needed a break or wants to return to work.

Kim and John L.

“The Club” is what my mom and I called SarahCare.  My 89 year old mom, Jeannette, who has dementia, loved going to The Club for the year she was living with me in Boise.  The staff at SarahCare helped my mom feel welcome as well as useful and productive during her days at The Club.  My very independent-minded mom always mentioned how nice everyone was and how she was free to do the things she wanted to do,  including helping to clean and clear lunch tables, getting coffee for the men, and making crafts.  For most of the year, she rode the van to and from and was always thrilled to see the same wonderful van driver on those mornings.   Mom’s Fridays at SarahCare enabled me to work at my office worry-free.  It was wonderful knowing how much the staff cared about her and how hard they worked to create an active program for her and the other participants, including off-site field trips!  Also, I know the staff cared about me and respected my role as a caregiver.  SarahCare is dedicated to both the individual and the family, and I feel so blessed that we found The Club!

Pat T.

We’ve been very please with John’s care at SarahCare. Everyone is very friendly, treats John well and likes to tease him (as you should!) Thank you! For making my life easier with your care of John for me. God Bless!

Kathy Y.