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Financial Assistance

There are a variety of sources for financial assistance, ranging from long-term care insurance to programs offered by the Area Agency on Aging and the Veterans Administration. SarahCare will assist you in identifying appropriate funding options.

Financial assistance varies by location.

Please contact your local center for more information.

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Cost Comparison


SarahCare is significantly less expensive than assisted living and in-home care

According to the GENWORTH 2015 COST OF CARE SURVEY, adult day health services cost $17,904 annually compared to $43,200 for assisted living and $45,760 for in-home care. For the cost of 3 hours of home care, you can have 6 hours of […]Read More

Isolation & Depression

At the heart of SarahCare is a uniquely designed program that brings together health, social, and other supportive services in a warm, familiar, safe, and friendly environment. Our specialized programs are geared toward seniors who find themselves lonely, isolated, and often depressed. We offer a day full of activities and socialization to keep everyone engaged […]Read More

Chronic Diseases

Managing chronic diseases can be difficult, and when your loved one has been diagnosed with multiple chronic diseases, the process becomes even more complicated. Monitoring blood pressure and glucose readings, administering multiple medications, managing a diabetic diet, or providing tube feedings or ostomy care can be overwhelming for caregivers, let alone the senior living alone.

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Stroke & Parkinson’s Disease


For our participants who are post-stroke, SarahCare has a program specifically designed to get them back on the road to recovery. Our experienced professional staff of Registered and Licensed Practical Nurses, activity professionals, and personal care assistants provide programs and services including:

RESTORATIVE NURSING is a program designed by our RNs as a follow-up or […]Read More

Memory Impairment

SarahCare Adult Day Centers provide a safe and secure environment for those with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia.


Activity programs are designed specifically for Alzheimer’s and related dementia issues. Programs include exercise, special sensory programs such as aromatherapy, music, art, pet therapy, and cognitive enhancement activities. These activity programs are adapted […]Read More

Frailty & Physical Dependence

Nursing assistants and other trained staff are always there to assist your family member in ambulating and moving through all of our activities throughout the day. Activities are adapted for specific physical challenges so that no one ever feels left out. Yes, seniors who are wheelchair bound are very welcome in our centers.


CARF Accreditation


SarahCare follow CARF Standards in all of our centers.

Founded in 1966, CARF is a private, not-for-profit organization that promotes quality services. It does this by establishing standards of quality for organizations to use as guidelines in developing and offering their programs or services to consumers. CARF uses the stand […]Read More

Holistic Approach

At SarahCare, we take a holistic approach to caring for your loved one. To us, “holistic” is more than just a buzzword. “Holistic” is derived from the Greek word “holism” and means: all, whole, entire or total. As we apply it to our philosophy of care, it explains the focus we put on treating your […]Read More

Dr. Griff’s Bio

Merle D. Griff, PhD, Founder and CEO of SarahCare Senior Solutions, is one of the leading authorities on the care of seniors in the United States.

Dr. Griff has served on numerous national boards and task forces including being the past Chairperson of the Board of Directors for NASDSA (National Adult Day Services Association), member of […]Read More